Why Conflict In Your Business Might Be A Good Thing

Conflict. Many people will tell you that it has no place at work. Service business owners will do everything they can to avoid conflict and to keep it from happening in their business. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that some conflict – when appropriately handled – is actually a good thing for the business. Smart employers […]

How To Read The Minds Of Your Employees And Customers

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to read the minds of your employees and customers? Sure, you hear the things they say right now but we both know that there’s sometimes a difference between what they say and what they think. To your face, they’re friendly and polite; but what do they say behind […]

Stop Asking Your Customers This One Question: It’s Costing You THOUSANDS Of Dollars

The service professional showed up on time, delivered the service promised, and then prepared to leave. As he was leaving, he asked the homeowner, “how was everything with the service?” The homeowner answered, “fine, thanks.” And the service professional walked out the door, content that the homeowner was satisfied with the service they received. What […]

Delivering Amazing Service

Hey, Mike Agugliaro out here, business warrior bringing you a video. Yeah, this happens to be on the side of our building. Pretty crazy, right? Actually, we got a little.. Well, you can’t see it. We got a little patio area out here for the employees that come and chill when we bring in ice […]

How To Surprise And Delight Customers While Selling More To Them

There’s a problem with the way many business owners view selling. They often see a tug-of-war between happy customers and a sale – the more they sell to a customer, the unhappier a customer gets or vice versa. In this blog post I’m going to show you a very simple concept that will help you […]

Stop Sending Technicians To Your Customers’ Homes!

A customer calls. They’re distraught because something in their home is broken. They found your advertisement and they call you up, hoping that your business can help them. The worst thing you can do is assure them that you’re sending a technician to their house, or that you’re sending a representative to their house, or […]

Business Breakthrough: ID Badges

Today I am bringing you something that is pretty simple: ID Badges. You’re saying “yeah my company has them.” But maybe your company doesn’t have them. ID badges have a sense of credibility and trust behind them. Also, it says to a customer that they are safe, that the person coming into their home is […]