The CEO Warrior: Who Is It?

CEOlogoRecently I switched my brand from ServiceKey to CEO Warrior.

Why did I make the switch? One reason is because I wanted to express, through my brand, something that I’ve been thinking about for a while: there’s a massive difference between business owners. On one side of the spectrum you have struggling entrepreneurs who are just trying to get through the day. On the other side of the spectrum you have massively successful people who run a business.

When you compare put both of those people into the same room, you might call them both “business owners” but in reality you are looking at two VERY different people:

• The struggling business owner is working hard – running the treadmill or, to use another analogy, perhaps feeling like they’re bailing water on a sinking ship.
• The ultra-successful business owner also works hard – but they’re like a master juggler who is able to keep many knives in the air at once without more than a simple touch of the knife to keep it in rotation.

We normally call both of those groups “business owners” but I wanted to express the vast difference between the two. So the ultra-successful business owner is someone I call the “CEO Warrior”.

The difference between business owners and CEO Warriors can be seen in what they think about:

• Consider the mindset of most business owners: they’re thinking about “how will I make payroll?” and “how will I get more customers?” and “how do I keep my team busy?”
• Now compare this to the CEO Warrior. They’re thinking “what systems can I build?” and “how can I get leverage?” and “how can I grow my business?”

A business owner thinks small. Yes, even if you run a busy business, you’re still thinking small. Consider a CEO like Jeff Bezos of Amazon or the late Steve Jobs of Apple. Do you think they are wondering how to get more customers or how they will keep their team busy? No, they think bigger things – things that still address customer acquisition and team productivity but on a bigger scale.

Being a CEO Warrior doesn’t automatically eliminate the struggle or the challenges you face. However, being a CEO Warrior changes what you think of your business and the actions you take. Rather than bailing water, you start juggling knives (to mix my metaphors!) and your business takes on an entirely different feeling.

What is CEO Warrior? Here’s how I define it…

• CEO Warrior is a mindset. It’s a way of thinking and acting and living. It’s a way to run a business. It’s a way to view opportunities and challenges.
• CEO Warrior is an aspiration. It’s a new way of thinking about your role in your company and how your influence as a CEO Warrior can help you achieve that aspiration.
• CEO Warrior is a call to action. It’s a commitment to fierce, relentless action – like a warrior in battle who pushes himself beyond his limit so that he emerges victorious.

Become a CEO Warrior and see your entire approach to business and life transform!


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